WooFPAK and a Half: Little Brave (Volume 2)

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Please note that all proceeds from the profits made on this book will be donated to the cause. If you purchase this book and have a specific cause that you would like your contribution to be contributed to, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

LuLu is small. That’s an irrefutable, undeniable fact. She’s small, and she’s young, and she doesn’t have half as much experience as the other members of the WooFPAK. And yet, it seems as though the future of her family might just rest on her shoulders. The rest of the dogs, they’re trapped deep within the hidden caverns of Big Sur. WooFDriver, too, has been trapped beneath the rocks. It seems as though there’s nothing that can be done but try to figure out the problem on her own – and LuLu’s determined to prove that size doesn’t matter. She’s just as brave as any of the others. She’s just as capable of fixing things. But the question isn’t whether LuLu’s willing to prove her worth. It’s whether the rest of the dogs are going to give the chance to do so.

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