WooFdriverBIO-400PX-272x300-272x300Bill Helman (“WooFDriver”) has created a multitude of websites that are devoted to dogs. Many of these sites focus on the protection, health, and promotion of, not just dogs, but all animals. These sites advocate proper care and offer important lessons on being involved in the life of an animal. They tell stories about the adventures he has had as well as offer information on specific breeds he cares so much about (Huskies, Shiba Inu, and Chinese Crested).He was also one of the original founders and creators for “Walk for a Dog” app. This app raises money for dogs all over the United States predicated upon people walking with their dogs etc. The more they exercise themselves and their dog the more money goes to their local animal shelter.

The WooFDriver is very devoted to improving the lives of dogs but he can’t do this alone. Your support is needed! To continue more programs like this please take a look at the websites listed on the allwoof.com page. These websites are made possible by advertising and user engagement. So please take a moment to check out these informative sites, and share them with your friends. The more support we get for this project the more animals we can help all around the world.

Want more ways to help? You can also show your support but listening to the All DOG Radio channels on www.woofswoofs.com , that is 24 hours a day All DOG Streaming Dog Music & Audio Performances of All Dog Stuff including: Dog Parodies, Dog Pop Music, Dog Calming & Comfort Music, Dog RAP Music (including Freestyle RAP), LIVE Dog Music (actually recorded with Dogs), Barking Music, Dog Training Music, Dog Stories, Dog Jokes, Dog Poetry, Guided DOG Meditations and so much more!!

More of a video fan? We got you covered you can watch all these fascinating antics of the WooFDrivers’ YouTube Channels listed below:

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