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Tug Line – Nylon Encased Bungee – 1Dog – DPS



An essential piece to any Dogtrekker/Canicrossers collection is a durable, safe, and reliable Tug Line. This high quality Nylon Encased Bungee Tug Line gives you the freedom to go on many different adventures with your beloved canine friend regardless of the season or terrain.  These resilient, bungee-like Tug Lines are perfect for hiking, rollerblading, and skiing.

The rust-proof brass clasp will ensure a tight hold on the dog’s harness. The other end is attached to your Human Harness, this quick release attachment is specially designed to ensure you and your dogs safety in the event of a fall or obstacle. This make it a great choice for skiing or rollerblading.

This one dog version, features nylon rope at one end, with a nylon encased bungee at the other this design provides maximum shock absorption for rocky or difficult terrains but also works great for smooth terrains that only require gradual pulling.

This tug lines come in many assorted colors, a random color will be shipped for each order.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 4 in


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