The “Play for a Dog” Project

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This promotion offers financial support for dogs in need by sponsoring local musicians in the Baltimore area as they compose their music using the WOOF AXX. This instrument is the WooFDrivers’ own creation of a guitar that symbolizes his love of dogs, wolves etc. Each concert is dedicated to bringing awareness to dogs that need homes and/or medical attention that otherwise wouldn’t be taken care of without financial support from dog lovers like you.

During this campaign, local concerts and musicians will be spreading WooFDriver’s love of dogs through the “Play for a Dog” program in hopes of gaining donations and other means to assist in his fundraising efforts. Those who attend will have a chance to donate as little or as much as they prefer. The money collected will then be disbursed to the charities listed within this website.

As his large social media following generally focuses on three specific breeds the Husky, Shiba Inu, and Chinese Crested. These breeds are the main focus of the campaign; however, he realizes there are more breeds among us that need assistance as well. If your dog doesn’t fall into this category, that doesn’t mean that we are unwilling to help. If you or someone you know needs financial assistance, please contact us for any assistance you might need regardless of the breed.



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