Diagnoses for Layla

Over the past few months, Layla has been suffering from severe sporadic neck pain, or how I like to explain it – her neck has been getting stuck. The first time it happened, she came in from the yard unable to move her head upwards or side to side. Her breathing was labored and it […]

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Help Diesel the Dachshund

My friends dog was involved in a hit and run. Her little Dachshund Diesel ran out her gate just as a motorbike came down the road. The driver hit Diesel and knocked him flying and left her young children to pick up their injured dog! The vet bill has skyrocketed in South Africa and she […]

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PePe the Puppy Monkey

  I am terrible about asking for help.  I quietly rescue dogs, pay for their vetting and transfer them to reputable rescues.  A few weeks ago, I was asked for help with this tiny puppy named PePe.  PePe’s owner died and he was throw out onto the street to fend for himself at the ripe […]

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Help Save Beau From Parvo

I’ve always done my best to handle hardships on my own. I struggle with the thought of asking for help, especially in terms of financial struggle. However, here I am doing what I thought I would never do. I bought Beau, my handsome 10 week old Australian Shepherd on March 9th, and on March 12th […]

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Greta’s Recovery Fund

Greta Rose is some dog. Not only does she mean the world to her owner Lori Cotton, she provides love, joy and therapy to those around her. Greta is a Bernese Mountain Dog and is a member of the Canine Corps at Boulder Community Health. She spends every Tuesday morning as a volunteer visiting patients […]

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Help Benny Walk Again

My name is Benny “the jet” Rodriguez and I have a bilateral ACL tears. From a young age I grew up at the beach where I spent every day until dark chasing my tennis ball into the ocean and running down the beach with my dad. I tore my right ACL traumatically and cannot put […]

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