PePe the Puppy Monkey


I am terrible about asking for help.  I quietly rescue dogs, pay for their vetting and transfer them to reputable rescues.  A few weeks ago, I was asked for help with this tiny puppy named PePe.  PePe’s owner died and he was throw out onto the street to fend for himself at the ripe old age of 7 weeks.  He was so calm, so good.  I fell in love instantly.  I had him for the weekend and transferred him to Noah’s Hope, a rescue I work with in Sioux City, Iowa.  They noticed he wasn’t quite right and immediately took him to vet, his neck was bothering him and after some meds he began to perk up.  But he still wasn’t peppy, or gaining weight.  I recent vet visit came back with bad news.  We rescued PePe promising to give him a good life.  He won our hearts and now we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help. But we need your help.  The rescue doesn’t have the funds for his MRI.  We are trying to raise the money to find out what he needs.  Here is what Deanna wrote about him that explains his condition.  Please help us help PePe.

Meet Pepe. He is a 10 week old mixed breed rescue puppy. His story started 4 weeks ago when he was picked up as a stray from a very bad neighborhood. He was then transported 4 hours to Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue in Sioux City IA and placed in a foster home. Right away it was noticed that PePe had no… pep. He seemed quiet and very lazy. All clinical signs showed that he was healthy and he was labled as a mild mannered puppy. As the weeks passed, other health concerns came up. Another trip to the vet and this time we did not get good news. Pepe has a liver shunt. There are two kinds of liver shunts…. an Intra-hepatic shunt and an Extra-hepatic shunt. In order to determine what kind of shunt Pepe has (and what treatment will be available), he has been refered to a specialty vet clinic for an MRI, an expense that the rescue was not expecting.


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