Help Diesel the Dachshund

My friends dog was involved in a hit and run. Her little Dachshund Diesel ran out her gate just as a motorbike came down the road. The driver hit Diesel and knocked him flying and left her young children to pick up their injured dog! The vet bill has skyrocketed in South Africa and she is struggling to pay for it.

We love our dog Diesel and he is as much a part of our family as our children.

They have said that they will only release him once the bills have been paid and every day they will increase. She is scrapping everything that she can to get some money together to bring her fur baby home. $10 is over R100 in South Africa and Β£10 is over R150. Every cent will definitely help them if you can spare even Β£5/$5 that will be amazing and we can help get Diesel home to his family!!!

There is a video I shared on my Facebook wall if you want to see it. It is truly horrible and heartbreaking!
Message from Chantelle Monaghan:
Dear Friends, Family, neighbours and fellow dog lovers…

I would never ever usually ask this.. and this has never happened to us before and not something we ever expected to happen. And I only ask because we do love our dog Diesel and he is as much a part of our family as our children.

Today our little dachshund Diesel ran out –which very honestly has never happened before -he is a house dog and is usually in another garden. Our sons were letting their friends in and had no clue Diesel had gotten into the front garden πŸ™

As he ran out a bike came speeding into him and he was hit hard,as you can see πŸ™ My two sons saw it happen and my eldest son, ran straight away to pick his dog up πŸ™

The guy got back on his bike and rode away.

Diesel our beloved Dachshund is now lying in Fourways Vet ICU and we need to pay a minimum of R8K by tomorrow… He has blunt trauma to the head and between racing to get to a vet and trying 3 or 4 vets, he suffered 3 bad seizures in my arms.. devastating feeling and watching him so panicked.

I am reaching out and only because he means so much to us that I can’t not try…

We have been in some financial strain after our baby was born last year and was in NNICU, so all my savings are gone and depleted and we are just not strapped with extra cash that we can pay for such a huge bill πŸ™ I am asking if you have it in your heart to help pay for Diesel’s treatment.

If you can help please make payments into the following account at Fourways Vet. We as a family would really really appreciate it..Please help Diesel πŸ™


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