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    The “Play for a Dog” Project
  • Help Save Beau From Parvo 28.74% Funded
  • Help Diesel the Dachshund 43.07% Funded
  • Social Media Outreach
  • PePe the Puppy Monkey 46.5% Funded
  • WooFDreams Music – All Proceeds Go to the Cause of Your Choice!
  • Greta’s Recovery Fund 22.52% Funded
  • Help Benny Walk Again 48.49% Funded
  • Diagnoses for Layla 0.19% Funded


Here at DogBFF.org we are dedicated to improving the bond you have with your canine best friend!

Whether that means helping you find that special dog that fills your heart with joy, or helping those that have found that special companion with monetary support to help their loved one recover from an illness. We are here to help! But we can’t do this alone, we need your help too!

There are several ways that you can contribute to our cause

For many of the dogs listed, the owners need monetary support to help with overwhelming veterinarian bills. You can donate to any one of these causes and the money will go straight to the owners that need assistance.

You can also purchase any of the WooFDriver Books or WooFDreams CDs listed and all of the proceeds will go to the animal of your choice.

Please help us give these animals and owners the same type of love that you would share with your best friend!

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Would You Like To Sponsor An Event?

If you are interested in sponsoring this noble cause, there is several different ways we will advertise your donation. Your logo or picture will be listed on this website; it will be associated with the posts that are sent to nearly 1 million of the WooFDrivers followers. Additionally, your name will be mentioned by the musician that is playing at the “Play for a Dog” events.

You can also choose to sponsor the WooFDriver on his tours and donate a certain dollar amount per mile he travels. For this type of donation, your name will be advertised while the WooFDriver is touring with the WooFPak and seen by hundreds of people.

Please contact us using the the form on the sponsor request page


Huskies, Shiba Inu, Pugs, Bulldogs and Chinese Crested Dogs That Need Your Love!


  • Mikey

    Micky was placed with his new owner on July 18, 2016

  • Moby & Toby

    Here at dogBFF.org we want to help all dogs in need not just the ones that are sick and need medical attention. We want to help the dogs that are healthy, but just need love and affection. They just need a new best friend. Therefore, here’s a list of dogs that are just looking for […]

  • Sponsorship for this website is made in part from users like you. By engaging with the multitude of websites created by the WooFDriver more programs like this can be available. Please take a look at these sites by clicking here for more great information about caring for and appreciating dogs.


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